Aligned AF Affirmation Candle


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Aligned Af

In perfect harmony and balance.
The Aligned AF afiirmation is created for you to serve as a reminder of your power. 

Show up as the version that you're wanting to manifest, by becoming a perfect vibrational match.
You're worth it, been worth it, will forever be worth it.


Affirm mi amor

In this light,

I energize my creativity.

I spark my sexuality and boost my self-esteem.

I can handle anything that life throws at me,

as positive energy always flows to me



  • Hand poured with love
  • Wooden Wick
  • 100% Eco Soya Wax 10% Fragrance Oil from Sandalwood & Bergamot - 120G

Note: If you'd like your candle unscented, please contact us and we will customize your candle.