Bliss Intention Spray


I am worthy 

Manifest all your needs with ease with our Bliss Set.


Our sprays are small in appearance, but big in their accomplishments. Feel that warm fuzzy feeling you get when your heart chakra is burning bright from happiness with just a few mist of our Bliss Intention spray. The sweet scent of Bergamot & Orchide calms you down instantly and allows you to channel your energy towards what makes you happy. 


How to Use:

• Shake before use  

• Spray yourself, home, crystals or any space you enjoy. 

Read the affirmation that's attached to the bottle and set your intention.
Simply spray a few times and feel your body relax, in the mist.



- Room sprays are diluted with distilled water and essential oils; therefore, a possible skin irritation can occur on sensitive skin. (Please stop using immediately if you experience any skin irritation.)

• Do not spray directly into eyes.

• Keep out of reach of children and stored in a safe, dry place.

• If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your doctor for advice before using our smudge spray.

Contains: Bergamot & Orchide, Distilled water, Himalayan Salt

All sprays come with:
- Two supportive tumbleds

- Affirmation + bag


• Crystals are intuitively chosen by our team.