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Soul Love - I am whole

Soul Love - I am whole
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These travel size kits are more than just pretty stones. You can now keep your vibes high, grounded, protected and pure wherever you are. Grab this cute little bag when you're leaving your home. No matter if you're going to work, the gym, shopping, hanging out or somewhere you’re going to absorb tons of vibes - we got you covered boo.
All kits are filled with love, light, protection and good vibes for you to always feel supported and comforted no matter what.


Rhodonite - A beautiful stone representing grace and elegance. 

It decreases anxiety while increasing attention to detail.

This beauty opens the heart to give and receive unconditional love.


Helps with:

- Inner growth 

- Self love

- Grace


Rose quartz - The stone of universal love. This beauty purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing & feelings of peace.


 Helps with:

- Encouraging unconditional love

- Supporting Trust & Harmony 

- Remembering your dreams


Hematoid - Is a very good grounding crystal that both calms and quiets your mind, giving you the time to properly process things and sort them out.

It’s a crystal that dissolves the imbalances and negativities in your life, then allows you to enjoy a more balanced energy.


- Inspires creative and original thinking

- Boosting your focus and concentration.


Lepidolite - Is the perfect healing crystal to help a woman stabilize her emotions, dissolve the pain of deeply felt wounds, soothe the heart, and reduce stress and depression.

It will help you dry your tears, and become the superwoman that is hidden inside of you, just waiting for you to awaken her!

The calming vibes of Lepidolite will be your weapon to tackle any storm, hurricane, or whirlwind. It will renew your sense of confidence and purpose.


Amethyst - Is known for its stunning beauty and legendary powers to both stimulate and soothe the mind and emotions. This very powerful and protective crystal is believed to transmute all energies into love, serving to protect you from harm while serving as a stone of peace. 


Helps with:

- Spiritual awareness, Psychic abilities, Inner peace and healing of body, mind & soul

- Positive transformation, Meditation, Balance

- Relieves stress, Opens communication

Created with love

Each stone is intuitively chosen by our team.