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New Moon - I am exploring

New Moon - I am exploring
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In this light,

I see my goals clearly.

I manifest all my needs with ease.

I have the power to shape my reality.

I attract all forms of abundance easily.


Selenite & Blue Calcite


Selenite represents: Purity, light, protection & connections. Assisting you in gaining insights by clearing confusions. 

Blue Calcite helps with: Exploring of self, allowing natural ideas to emerge.

This beauty stimulates your creativity, helping you to manifest your dreams with ease. 

    • Every Crystal is unique in its appearance and intuitively picked
    • Hand poured with love
    • 100% Eco Soya Wax 7% Fragrance Oil from Sandalwood & Bergamot - 222G

    Note: If you'd like your candle unscented, please contact us and we will customize your candle.