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Smokeless Smudge Spray

Smokeless Smudge Spray
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In this mist I am protected from all unwanted energies.


Our sprays are small in appearance, but big in their accomplishments. No matter where you are, you can quickly cleanse yourself or environment with just a few mists from this travel-friendly product.

Our smokeless smudge sprays are composed of essential oils that are extracted directly from the plants themselves. Sage is known for its reputed powers of clearing negative energy. Both leaves from the herb and the essential oil come from the same plant. However, this essential oil is more concentrated, allowing our spray to harness all of the energies and magickal properties needed for comfortable, beneficial and healthy support.

This means that you can effectively clean your home every day.


How to Use: 

Spray yourself, home, crystals or any space you'd like to cleanse with a few sprays. 

Think of a mantra that makes you feel good. For example, "In this mist I protect myself from negative vibes.” 



- Room sprays are diluted with distilled water and essential oils; therefore, a possible skin irritation can occur on sensitive skin. (Please stop using immediately if you experience any skin irritation.)

• Do not spray directly into eyes.

• Keep out of reach of children and stored in a safe, dry place.

• If you are pregnant, nursing, or under a doctor’s care, consult your doctor for advice before using our smudge spray. 

Contains: Salvia officinalis (sage), Lemon, Distilled water, Himalayan Salt